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Membership Benefits 


The BVBA is an organisation affiliated with the BSAVA that produces educational material, lectures and workshops for veterinary staff and other related professionals on subjects relating to behaviour.


Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December each year so payment part way through a year will cover fees for the remainder of that calendar year. If opting for a hard copy of the Journal of Veterinary Behaviour, back-dated copies for that calendar year will be sent to you.

Other benefits include:



  • Subscription to the Journal of Veterinary Behaviour either as hard or electronic copy

  • Supportive and active Facebook page

  • Single, student and group membership rates available

  • Excellent educational events organised throughout the year from our annual study day to webinars

  • Opportunities for meeting other professionals from the field

  • Active involvement in UK vet schools

  • Members only online conference

  • Discounted price to annual study day

  • Members-only area access on Facebook

  • Online forum providing support and guidance of joint membership with European Society of Veterinary Clinical Ethology (ESVCE)       


If you have any questions about membership, please email     


Please allow ten working days for a response regarding membership as new members are processed weekly.                        



Membership type                                                          Organisation    Fees with Hard Copy of the Journal   Fees with Online Copy of the Journal

INDIVIDUAL (Includes 1 copy of each issue of JVB)     

                                                                                       BVBA                                       £80                                                           £70 


                                                                                       BVBA & ESVCE                      £115                                                          £105 


                                                                                       BVBA Student                         £65                                                            £55 


                                                                                       BVBA & ESVCE Student        £100                                                           £90 



PRACTICE :maximum of 5 people*

(Includes 1 copy of each issue of JVB for the practice) 

                                                                                                       BVBA                           £140                                                        £130 


                                                                                               BVBA & ESVCE                   £315                                                        £305

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